Eye & Face Lifting Fluid

A skin smoothing emulsion combining Hyaluronic Acid – as an intensive moisturizer with premium texturizing components known for its firming properties on the skin. A “vectorised” molecule that combines the amino-acid Proline with a lipid “arrowhead” from Palm Oil enhances the adherence of this wrinkle smoothing molecule to the skin. Premium vegetable oils and Essential Fatty Acid support the lipid barrier of the skin. Once the fluid emulsion is absorbed by the skin the fine film that is left on its surface gently contracts providing a smoother appearance while generating a lifting effect that minimizes the visibility of fine lines.


Directions: Smooth all around the eye contour and on other facial areas that require firming with several massage motions, and let dry.

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Weight 0.1323 lbs
Dimensions 1.1 × 1.1 × 6.5 in