Gerlasan Hand Cream


Good for dry, cracked hands.


Fusskraft Blue


Moisturizing, naturally fresh.

Warming Balm


For cold feet with dry or normal skin.

Fusskraft Red Rich


For cold feet – warming.



Nurtures and strengthens tired feet while deodorizing and disinfecting the skin.

Med Lipidro Cream


For optimal care of dry and sensitive skin.

Callous Cream


Removes nuisance callus in 28 days.

Med Salve


For persistent foot and nail problems.

Med Salve Callous


Removes nuisance callus in 28 days.

Med Deodorant


Intensive deodorant foot cream with long-lasting protection.

Fusskraft Green


For sweaty feet – naturally fresh.

Fusskraft Mint


Cooling foot balm – mint fresh.

Gerlavit Moor Vitamin Cream


Suitable for taking care of dry and sensitive skin.

Foot Bath


10 packets. Refreshing and revitalizing bath concentrate.

Med Nail Softener


Softens hard nails and helps to prevent them growing inwards.



For the care and treatment of ingrown toenails, calluses and corns.

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