Golden Marine Scrub


Made of a wealth of herbal components: skin-softening seaweed, Golden Sea buckthorn oil, soothing plantain extract, protective phytosterols, and vitamins as free radical scavengers. Enables an intensive hydration and “plumping” of the epidermis, which facilitates exfoliation and reduces irritation potential.


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Directions: Spread a small amount on your face by intensively massaging the required areas (blackheads, wrinkles etc.) with your fingertips with circular motions. For an intensive exfoliating treatment gradually add a little Revitalizing AHA Face Lotion and continue the massage (avoiding eye area!) for two more minutes. Finally, rinse off and dry with a soft towel. If your skin is delicate, replace the AHA lotion with pure water and repeat the same procedure. Do not use any scrub on sensitive skin with broken capillaries. (30ml)